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Anxiety in a World Gone Mad

If you ever wanted to have high blood pressure, sleepless nights, anxiety, and depression, simply turn on the news for about 10 seconds, and you'll be ready to check in with the nearest shrink! It seems the world has gone mad and everywhere we look, the news is filled with nothing but violence, war, political unrest, racial tension, crime, and myriad other turbulent headlines. It's no wonder recent research shows 1 in 5 adults are taking anti-psychotic drugs that include antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. In fact, drugs to treat ADHD tripled among those between 20-44 years of age over the past decade, according to Medco Health Solutions. Not to mention, more and more children a

We Have Lost Our Way - Finding Your Purpose, Again

Far too often in life, our faith grows weak and we lose our sense of purpose. Most people are walking around wondering aimlessly, trying to figure out why they exist or for what purpose are they even alive. Often this feeling of hopelessness is compounded by tragedy, financial issues, marital woes or loneliness. We hear all the time that "God has a purpose for your life," and although truthful, how often have we replied with "That's great! I just wish He'd tell me what it is!" Does that sound like you? Have you become frustrated trying to figure out what God's purpose is for your life and why you are even here? Let me start with the simple answer, first. God's purpose for your life is si

Get the Job You Want

Searching for a job is time-consuming, frustrating, and exhausting - not to mention it will devour any possible ego or confidence you may possess. Hours upon hours of combing the help wanted ads on the internet, signing up for job placement services, and creating online profiles can lead to endless hours of frustration without results. Times have changed, and your competition has expanded. Although the internet gives us unfettered access to jobs around the globe and easy access to simply apply online, it also eliminates personal interaction. Along with increased visibility, the pool of candidates is no longer restricted to the local community. Nothing sells YOU more than YOU! HR professi

Serving Others - God's Purpose

Serving others IS God's purpose! But what exactly does that look like? So often, we think "serving" means volunteering for charity work or church activities, and although that is certainly a big part of it, we often neglect to serve those around us each and every day. How can we do that? Or what does that look like? Every time you open a door for someone else, that is serving another. Saying a kind word or smiling to show compassion - that, too, is serving. Here is a list of simple and easy ways you can serve and love others, thus fulfilling God's purpose in your life: Take a vacation! Vacations are highly underrated and often seen as personal getaways, but in fact, making memories with

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