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Hope at the End of Your Rope

The holiday season is meant to be filled with laughter, joy, renewed hope, giving, and a return to the fundamental basics that keep us groun

Demise of the Cupcake Generation

The world is in an interesting place on many fronts, including the transformation of an entire generation of millennials (18-34 years of age) and the kids who follow. While being credited for the technological shift in communication and media (going from printed newspapers and transistor radios to social media and cell phone cameras), one of the challenges today's millennials face is social and personal responsibility. Academia has certainly contributed to what is now known as the "Cupcake Generation," a generation of young people who want their "cake and eat it too." They are being described as "self-centered narcissists" whose "mommies gave them everything they ever wanted," without any

The #1 Way to Increase Prosperity and Success in Your Life...

Success means something different to everyone. Your vision for success may include increasing your income in order to provide better security or a future for you and your family. Or success may mean having just enough money to enjoy a life well lived, spending time with family and friends, or other simple and memory-making events. No matter what your pursuit is - spiritual growth, financial independence, personal change, or professional advancement, there is a simple formula that will guarantee success and increase your prosperity, no matter what your pursuit is! That formula is: GIVING + NETWORKING = PROSPERITY It's a formula as old as time. We were made to "commune" or "connect" with o

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