Serving Others - God's Purpose

Serving others IS God's purpose! But what exactly does that look like? So often, we think "serving" means volunteering for charity work or church activities, and although that is certainly a big part of it, we often neglect to serve those around us each and every day.

How can we do that? Or what does that look like?

Every time you open a door for someone else, that is serving another. Saying a kind word or smiling to show compassion - that, too, is serving.

Here is a list of simple and easy ways you can serve and love others, thus fulfilling God's purpose in your life:

Take a vacation! Vacations are highly underrated and often seen as personal getaways, but in fact, making memories with your family is serving them joy! This is one of the greatest acts of charity ever! Don't underestimate the value of family getaways, weekend holidays, or vacations!

Help around the house. Serving others includes taking responsibility for yourself and contributing the community efforts within your own home. Everyone uses the restroom and common facilities such as kitchen, living room, outdoor patio, etc. So, working together to keep those areas clean and inviting is everyone's responsibility and one way to serve one another.

Gift your skills, talents, and abilities! If you have the education and expertise to be a mechanic, gift your skills to help others who cannot afford car repair. Or, if you are a professional in accounting, medicine, dentistry, or other field, gift your ability to help someone in need without charging them for your services. Obviously, you can't do this 100% of the time or you would not have a paycheck. But, consider doing it at least 10% of the time as a "tithe" to God's service.

Speak kindly and bring joy. This, too, should start at home and extend to the rest of your world. I find myself frustrated with my children because they tend to rarely use kind words toward one another, and we have to remind them that "if they can't say something nice, they can't say anything at all." The fact is the world is filled with unkind and harsh words. We have to continuously combat that with kind and uplifting words of encouragement in our home and elsewhere. One kind word can make a person's entire day! Compliment often. Spread joy. And in the end, you'll discover you are fulfilling God's purpose by serving up a smile, too!

Work together. Serving often means helping one bear their own burden. A good example of this is when a co-worker or family member feels buried in their workload. Be quick to offer your help in easing or lightening their burden by working together to achieve success. This may mean helping your kids clean up their messy room - without fussing at them, but with determination and excitement over the sense of accomplishment. Or, it may mean doing a job that is not normally your task.

These are just a few ways you can fulfill God's purpose for your own life while helping others in theirs.

True service comes from the heart without expectation of receiving anything in return. Keep in mind, very few people know how to give unconditionally or how to serve according to God's will. So, trying to expect them to respond as you have is an unrealistic expectation.

But, over time, your example will help them take notice and follow your lead. In the meantime, rely on God to be the "fulfiller" of your own needs and trust Him to bless you as you bless others in His name.

He will! After all, He is our example of love and service.

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