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I'm Begging, Please Buy from My Competitor!

"I'm begging you, please buy from my competitor!" When have you heard those words coming from any business owner? The truth is - NEVER! Unless, of course, the owner could not meet a customer's request and he/she was simply putting the customer's needs first, even at the sake of losing a sale. However, this article is not about meeting the customer's needs. It's about customer loyalty - particularly when it comes to friends, family, and those closest to you. Don't you hate it when you spend hard-earned dollars promoting your business, only to find out a family member or friend didn't even consider supporting your business? Instead, you learn they went to a competitor and bought their pro

Don't Ask Me To Pray

I always find it rather amusing when people ask for prayer but say "God knows my need," and won't trust you with whatever they are asking you to pray for. This is like sending soldiers off to war when they have no clue what they're fighting for or what the overall objective is. At times, prayer is simple conversation with God. Other times, it is an intense battle being waged in the spiritual realm. When asking for prayer from those you trust, it's important to first be vulnerable enough to share with them the specific target (need or request) that you are asking them to hit on your behalf. Don't disrespect them by wasting their time wondering how to pray. In the end, most people pray hal

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Paycheck

There is a lot of talk about increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour, and although I am all about helping the hard-working American increase their pay and live a better life, raising the minimum wage is not the answer. Albeit most of the minimum wage antagonists have good intentions, many have succumbed to the growing epidemic of entitlement mentality. There is only one way to increase your paycheck effectively, and that is to increase your value in the market place. This applies not only to the employee, but also the employer. Customers are the #1 employer of every business. Without them, business owners would go out of business and employees would be standing in the unemployment line

People Like Being Sick

Most illnesses are two-thirds mental and one-third reality. Granted there are those who are chronically ill due to very low immunity as well as terminally ill patients. And I'm not talking about debilitating diseases or those with disabilities. Generally speaking you will notice that the reality of sickness for the average person, who doesn't fit into one of those categories, is often overshadowed by their attitude and personality. Most terminal or disabled people I have encountered face their challenges with courage, faith and a positive attitude, even during the darkest hours of their pain. Most are warriors with determination to press on and make the best of their situations. On the fli

3 Steps to Dramatically Change Your Life Starting TODAY

Growing up, my mother often said, "there ain't no time like the present," when I was filled with excuses in attempt to delay cleaning my room or procrastinating doing homework. Now, an adult with my own children, I find myself repeating her words to my own children. And like me, they often linger and procrastinate until the last second to do what needs to be done. Procrastination is the primary culprit why our lives fall short of expectation. Yet, rather than look in the mirror and blame ourselves, we shoot off a round of lame excuses we often try to justify as legitimate. Does this sound familiar? Of course, it does! We all do it or have done it over the course of our lifetimes. But, pro

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