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Wokeism, Societal Acceptance, and Man's Law Do Not Change God's Law

In today's society where sin is accepted as a good, and good is accepted as evil or hatred toward another, the roots of such indignation and indoctrination stems from the godlessness infiltrating our world, today. Society, as a whole, is leaning less on faith and God, and more on their own feelings, emotions, and self-designed belief system. They hate the things of God and love the things that are sinful.

This godlessness has created chaos and calamity throughout the world, including our own country and government. With the recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, overturning the 50-year law, Roe v. Wade, the indignant pro-choice movement has sought new ways to continue their murderous rampage of killing innocent children, even going so far as to introduce legislation in the state of Californication (California), permitting infanticide up to 28 days after a baby is born! See AB 2223 - California Family Council

Some corporations are now paying for employees' travel expenses to go to other states to get abortions! And the pro-choice movement is losing their minds, claiming the overturning of Roe v. Wade, including the radical Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who claims to be a devout Catholic, despite her pro-abortion agenda.

Nonetheless, the truth is man's laws, wokeism, societal acceptance of ungodliness, and everyone's self-designed beliefs don't change God's laws, which trump and rule all other laws.

No matter how you peal the onion on pro-choice, abortion is illegal in God's law, and despite pro-choice advocates creating their own belief system that pro-choice is a woman's right to choose, it couldn't be farther from the truth! They have gone so far as to try to make pro-lifers "haters," and used every excuse in the book to validate their fake initiatives by justifying abortion in rape and incest cases.

I am not only passionately against abortion because I believe in God's law, but also because of my own family's history! I have several very strong women in my family. Someone close to me is the product of a rape. And she has struggled for most of her life thinking she was not wanted and shouldn't be in existence. But, to the contrary, her mother chose life verses abortion, and the product of God's plan is in full display. She is a wife, mother of two amazing kids, and has given so much to those around her. None of which would have happened had her mother chosen to abort her as a baby.

I, was born out of wedlock to a then 15-year-old girl, who quit high school to become a mother. Back then, being a pregnant teen was frowned upon in society. My mother could have aborted me, but chose not to. I also know of a couple of children born out of incest, and both are thriving adults now. While this sounds like a soap opera, the fact is I am thankful the women involved, despite the circumstances of conception, chose life rather than murder!

I do know women who have had abortions, thinking there were no other options. I know women who have had no choice but to abort their babies due to severe health prognoses that would result in the loss of life. And I know the effects losing a baby - even unwillingly - has on the psyche of women, as well as the fathers of these children. Although I am not a woman, I speak from a place of knowledge as a minister and supporter, having held the fetus of a stillborn child immediately after birth, witnessing the glorious delivery of my own children, and understanding the dynamics and complexities of childbirth.

And through my own eyes, God has revealed Himself in the creation and formation of these younglings as new life is breathed into developing lungs, tiny beats of a heart in formation, and watching the development of limbs and organs shortly after conception. God is in it all! So I am beyond thrilled with the overturning of Roe v. Wade and pray for those who are blinded and brainwashed by the deception that killing innocent children under the banner of "women's rights" or "healthcare," because it is evil disguised as good. And many women fall for it.

I hear one woman say, "What if I believe God doesn't exist, then what difference does it make about my choice to get an abortion?"

My response to her would be, "But, what if God does exist? Are you willing to take the chance?" After all, if I am completely wrong and God doesn't exist, then you have nothing to lose. But, if I am right, and God does and exist and His law does apply, they you have everything to lose.

Which card are you willing to play and which consequence are you willing to pay?

God has already revealed His law through the texts of the Bible. And our country's original laws were based upon that text. America has unjustifiably degraded the laws of the text and the laws of our Constitution to cater to the majority who have vocalized dissent, which is a very scary and slippery slope!

Just because the majority want something to fit their own desires and include them in society, doesn't make it right or doesn't change God's laws, which are consistent and unwavering.

You can call me radical, sexist, homophobic, hate-monger, racist, or whatever label you so choose to place on me. Remember, Jesus loved and sat down with sinners, but He never joined in their sin or accepted their sinful behavior. Rather, He corrected them in their behavior so that none would perish under the consequences of the Law. He didn't hate people. He loved people. He didn't hate abortionists or any other sinner! He loved each of us so much that He died for our sins.

And for that price He paid, we owe Him the courtesy of obeying the Law... at least to the best of our ability, seeking God to help us live in a spirit of conviction and humility.

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