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How to Beat Your Greatest Competition in One Step

Everyone is a competitor! Even if you hate confrontation or despise the back-and-forth antics of blow-hard politicians and cut-throat business practices, the reality is we all compete! We compete with others for our desired parking space at the grocery store. We compete with traffic to get to our destinations. We compete with other job applicants when applying for a position. And we compete with other businesses who sell similar products or provide similar services. It is wisdom to evaluate and study your competition when in business. It gives you insight into how to improve your business in order to gain the competitive advantage. Learning from your competition is healthy and creates

The Solution to a Broken Education System

The education system in America is failing! Ranked #35 out of 64 countries, the most recent data from the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) shows U.S. children falling way behind in math, science, and reading - the three core areas of study - as compared to other countries. Singapore and Hong Kong ranked highest in these areas. Few people realize the academic institutions of our nation have been bought and paid for by special interests and a political ideology that fails to elevate our students to even a competent academic level. In essence, politicians with little to no background in early childhood development are dictating what and how our children should learn. As ev

22 Pushups "Offensive" to Military Members

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of awareness campaigns from the ALS Bucket Challenge to the 22 Pushups Campaign to raise awareness for military members committing suicide on a daily basis. While everyone means well, the fact is the majority of people spreading the word and promoting the 22-Pushup Campaign are doing little to actually help those who are on the verge of suicide. Some celebrities have even joined the cause but fail to actually give to organizations who deal with this issue directly. Raising awareness is only effective, if, in fact, it inspires action of some kind. Simply doing 22 pushups and talking about it on social media is virtually useless, and frankly, off

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