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Discover the #1 Most Important Investment that has the Greatest ROI

In the world of finance, advisers and planners are often asked what investment yields the greatest dividends. They may have the answer to financial investments, but have THE ultimate answer, and it is NOT what anyone ever expects! The single MOST IMPORTANT INVESTMENT one can make that pays dividends FAR GREATER than any stock option, market trade, 401k, or IRA is: VACATION! What?! Have I lost my mind?! Yes! When I spent years asking financial advisers and experts what the best investment was, I quickly learned they were ALL WRONG! VACATIONS and spending time with your family ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT investments you will ever make, spiritually, financially, personally, and professionally! Ha

Why I Don't Drink, Smoke, or Sleep Around

I made the choice in my early teens to never smoke, do drugs, drink alcohol, or sleep around. I wish I could say it was because I didn't want to displease God and be all religious about my choices - as many might suggest with their comments that I think I'm "holier than thou," "mister goody two shoes," or "self-righteous." While displeasing God was certainly a factor, it had nothing to do with thinking I was better than others. Quite the contrary! Infidelity, drug addiction, alcoholism and obesity run rampant in my family. Both sides of my family have struggled with these issues for decades. I have witnessed the loss of life and slow, progressive suicide committed by members in my own fa

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