The #1 Way to Increase Prosperity and Success in Your Life...

Success means something different to everyone. Your vision for success may include increasing your income in order to provide better security or a future for you and your family. Or success may mean having just enough money to enjoy a life well lived, spending time with family and friends, or other simple and memory-making events.

No matter what your pursuit is - spiritual growth, financial independence, personal change, or professional advancement, there is a simple formula that will guarantee success and increase your prosperity, no matter what your pursuit is!


It's a formula as old as time. We were made to "commune" or "connect" with others. That is one fundamental needs everyone has, and is the basis for community!

And one of the by-products of community is prosperity, when we give of our time and resources to help others, intentionally build relationships with strangers, and grow our circle of influence.

However, there is one community that will destroy prosperity - those who relish in narcissism and are self-absorbed. These are takers and not givers, filled with pride and arrogance, always blaming others for their own iniquities, jealous and condescending toward those who are successful, negative and conniving.

These people are snakes, and they may speak kindly to your face, but gossip about you behind your back.

These people, you should avoid at all costs. Avoid conversation when possible, or talk in generalities. Never give them information they can use against you, even if it is positive. These people always take what is good and defile it to make themselves look better or often capitalize on your success in order to promote their own ego.

And when life throws you a curve ball, these same people will use it to either add salt to your wounds or to make themselves look like a far greater victim, rather than offer you comfort, encouragement, and empathy.

Although we all have some sense of self-interest and self-preservation, the true heroes are those who never take credit for their courage. They often put aside their own self in order to meet the needs of others.

Surround yourself with heroes, and you will discover prosperity is easier to achieve than first realized.

This is done by networking and joining groups that foster positive engagement, growth advancement, successful and healthy living. These are people who inspire, encourage, and nurture others. They are quick to help in times of crisis and protective of those they know and love. Build relationships with these kind of people, and your life will be filled.

When networking, be a giver first! Don't go with the expectation that you need your needs met before offering to help someone else. Discover what their needs are, meet those needs (if possible), and in the process, your own needs will be met.

This is the #1 way to have success and increase prosperity in your life. Now, go apply it and see what happens...

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