3 Steps to Dramatically Change Your Life Starting TODAY

Growing up, my mother often said, "there ain't no time like the present," when I was filled with excuses in attempt to delay cleaning my room or procrastinating doing homework. Now, an adult with my own children, I find myself repeating her words to my own children.

And like me, they often linger and procrastinate until the last second to do what needs to be done.

Procrastination is the primary culprit why our lives fall short of expectation.

Yet, rather than look in the mirror and blame ourselves, we shoot off a round of lame excuses we often try to justify as legitimate.

Does this sound familiar?

Of course, it does! We all do it or have done it over the course of our lifetimes. But, procrastination will miss opportunities, delay blessings, and destroy success.

Procrastination only puts off the inevitable. And if left unattended, it will create failure and often breed contention.

As a simple example to drive home my point, think about monthly utility and phone bills. If you delay paying them, not because of lack of money but because you simply don't want to deal with it, you will get your utilities or phone shut off - disconnected!

To reconnect, they charge you the past due balance, reconnect fees, and can even require you to pre-pay the next month's bill. So, your $150 bill now turns into a $400 bill all because you didn't take care of business.

My area of weakness has always been surrounding health and fitness. I've tried to lose weight, get in shape, and become healthier. It's a battle I continue today! And although there were some legitimate issues that contributed to my inability to attack this mountain head-on, the main and biggest reason was I made excuses.

"No pain, no gain!" Fitness coaches bark. But, the truth is we want gain with no pain. I don't mind working out - as a matter of fact, I rather enjoy it and love it! That is until the next day or the day after that when every ounce of my body is screaming in revolt!

I can't walk, sit, sleep, relax, or even breathe because muscles I didn't even knew I had are whining.

Creating a revolutionary life is taking back control. It's telling your body and mind to SHUT UP and OBEY! It's forcing your body and mind to comply with what you know is right and what needs to be done to accomplish great things!

In every challenge you face, there are 3 things you can do to begin changing your life immediately:


Seek first God's help. When you ask Him to help you overcome challenges, face your trials, and achieve your goals, He will give you strength when you need it, guidance when you seek it, and peace when you don't feel it.

Turn it Off to Turn it On

Remove the distractions. Sure, we can force ourselves to turn off the television, internet, and cell phone. But, sometimes we need to turn off our pets, family members, and others who create distractions. We have to turn it all off in order to turn on our focus and determination. No, it's not neglecting our family if they don't get our 100% attention 100% of the time. After all, if you are burned out and falling apart, you aren't giving them the attention they need anyway.

Live Like There's No Tomorrow

No, I don't mean go out and go crazy! I mean, the present is all you are promised. To live or create a revolutionary life, you must understand the value of the time you are given, and take advantage of each minute because tomorrow isn't promised to anyone, and every minute you waste is a minute you will lose.

And you may not understand the value of it right now, but keep in mind, every minute you lose is one more minute taken from life's bank account - one less moment you have to make a difference or make a memory. Make each moment productive and worthwhile.

Procrastination is a form of laziness and the opposite of progress!

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