Ending School Violence Begins in the Womb

Two of today's most heated debates surround school violence and women's right to choose. But, any civilized, God-fearing individual cannot help but see that, although separate issues, they have one common denominator - children.

Is there any correlation between children, who are struggling to find their own identity and often bullied in school, and the pro-choice agenda? While no scientific evidence may validate this correlation, I believe strongly there is a spiritual and subliminal correlation!

After all, when a nation abandons God-given principles by promoting a woman's so called right to abortion as a means of birth control, promotes gun violence on television and in movies at an ever-increasing rate (not to mention the gore and explicitly graphic depictions of such violence), while yelling from the rooftops how school violence is a gun issue, how exactly are children supposed to process this information and understand the importance of life preservation.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry is creating mixed messages. While most adults can decipher the messages of mainstream media, celebrity bantering, political rhetoric, and the constant barrage of negativity, children are more and more drawn to their influence.

Frankly, let's address the abortion issue, first.

Just yesterday, Ireland voted to repeal a law that bans abortion, leaving many dancing in the streets in celebration. One woman held her daughter close to her chest as she celebrated the victory, saying, "I want to show my daughter that when she grows up, she will have the freedom to make these choices for herself because of the victory we won, today."

And therein lies the problem.

A mother who voted for and celebrates the legal murder of unborn children, embraced her daughter, while sending the message that killing this child prior to birth should be a celebrated option. At the same time, I bet if asked, this woman would staunchly oppose a teenager walking into her child's school and shooting her daughter at point blank range, thus ending her life!

Either way, the child could be the product of murder, either at the hands of a stranger or the choices of her own mother. And we wonder why children are confused and messed up!

I once heard a story about a woman who made the choice to have sex without protection, knowing pregnancy could happen. Sure enough, she conceived. Wanting an abortion, her conscience struggled with the decision, so she went to her priest for guidance. She was already a mother of two other children, so when she asked the priest for counsel, he simply went to his desk and pulled out a gun and laid it on the table. "Take this gun home and shoot your firstborn child," he advised.

Shockingly, the woman looked at him confused. But, she quickly realized the message he was telling. Abortion is not different than intentionally murdering one of your children, no matter the age.

And this is not merely my opinion. Granted, there are going to be feminists who claim that because a man wrote this article, he is nothing but a sexist. Truthfully, I attained this viewpoint from the strongest woman I know - my mother - who found herself in a similar situation at the age of 15. Pregnant with me, she could have had an abortion. But, she didn't. And although having a child at such a young age was very difficult, especially during an era where teen pregnancy was looked upon in shame and disgust, she strongly opposed abortion because it violated not only God's laws, but the laws of simple human dignity.

And, by no means, are women the only ones to blame. The absence of father figures and rise of deadbeat dads are both major factors.

There are most certainly other factors contributing to school violence, beside the mixed messages of Hollywood, DC, and the anti-God climate we face, including:

  • Mental Health Issues - a growing number of teenagers (and adults) are struggling with mental health issues and post-traumatic stress. Many of these issues stem from lack of parental attention, community involvement, isolation, and discipline. And the only way medical professionals know how to deal with the issues are to prescribe psychotropic drugs, which have been proven to often exacerbate the issues or create other symptoms such as hallucinations or suicidal thoughts. Nearly all of the school shooters were diagnosed with mental health issues and prescribed psychotropic drugs prior to committing their crime.

By the way, guns are not the issue. In fact, guns are merely the weapon of choice when pent up anger or disillusioned youth seek to enact revenge, gain attention, or release their frustration because guns are the most easy tool for that scenario, according to many mental health professionals. Most other weapons require close interaction, which is often what these children want to avoid, one child psychologist told me.

  • Broken Homes - Family dynamics play a significant role in youth violence and suicide. Children long for attention from their parents more than the attention of friends or others in society. The very place they should seek refuge can dramatically influence their well-being in either a positive or negative way. Often, divorce is a key factor. Abusive homes, another. Sadly, the majority of school shooters to date (who happen to be male) come from broken homes or lacking father involvement.

  • Emasculation - Adding to the confused pro-abortion message, society has now created further disarray by emasculating males. The growing number of gender identity, sexual preference, male role, and masculinity definitions has greatly diminished the understanding of each gender. Young men are now struggling, more than ever, to find their place and role in society. On one hand they may not identify with the traditional masculine roles as defined by previous generations, yet they have not yet found their role in today's society. The ongoing battle furthers their feelings of abandonment by the generations before, while lacking positive leadership from male role models and mentors of this generation.

  • Socio-economic Insecurity - Criminologists at Northwestern University conducted a study, looking at the effect of economic conditions on the prevalence of school shootings. They concluded that between periods of increased economic insecurity and periods of increased gun violence at schools had significant correlations. Unemployment reduces self-esteem and increases depression and isolation. Teens who often live in homes that struggle financially, have unemployed parents, or teens who cannot find jobs, tend to be a contributing factor, as well.

Overall, it is not a far leap to say school violence can be significantly decreased starting as far back as the womb.

When a child is conceived, whether unexpected or by choice, the value of human life must be honored and promoted above all things. Women who find themselves in an unwanted or unexpected situation must choose dignity and human life first - above and beyond their own wants or desires. It doesn't matter what laws are passed that give any human the right to murder, God's law trumps all of man's laws, and His law clearly states, "You shall not murder," period!

Murder is the voluntary act of taking another person's life without warrant or self-defense. And abortion is murder, not a woman's right to choose. Adoption is always the better option.

Promoting the value of human life and dignity by making the choice to either parent or give a child up for adoption is the strongest message we can send to a child. If we choose to parent, it is our responsibility to create a loving, compassionate home where a child strongly feels he or she matters. They are heard. They are received. They are attended to. And they know their home is the safest place on earth - a sanctuary from life's storms.

On the other hand, their childhood home should be a training camp of education - a place that grooms them and promotes them to learn, grow, mature, and eventually succeed on their own.

Today's parents tend to either ignore or nurture their children to a fault. Healthy balance means teaching strong family values, while promoting self-sufficiency by equipping our children with life skills, financial literacy, responsibility, a strong work ethic, faith, and discipline.

And all of that starts back at the womb - when the child is born.

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