5 Steps to Create Lasting Change

Everyone wants freedom, but few are willing to fight for it! Are you a freedom-seeker but not a freedom-fighter?

To truly be free, you must first reach the end of your rope. You have to get to the place where you are sick and tired of living the life you're living and become committed to making the necessary changes at any cost. After all, the cost of dying inside your prison is the most expensive price of all, so the cost to be free is nothing in comparison.

Some people become so comfortable with their prison environment that they choose to stay incarcerated, not even realizing that freedom is merely steps away, and offers far more with better accommodations!

Here are 5 steps to help you create lasting change and break free from the prison you are in:

1. Start with prayer. After all, God is the Creator of all things and all things belong to Him. He holds the keys to your prison, and He can help you escape. Without Him, you will struggle. The Holy Spirit will guide you and protect you in your pursuit for freedom.

2. Get real! You have to be honest with yourself and stop denying or making excuses. Choose to deny your flesh rather than deny the truth of how you became incarcerated in the first place.

3. Renew your mind. Cut off the negative thinking and self-sabotage. Rip out the deceitful tongue that lies to you and says, "you don't deserve freedom," or "you're not good enough." Tell your mind and your enemy to shut up!

4. Make a U-turn. Turn your back on temptation by focusing your efforts on freedom. The secret to resisting temptation is to place your focus elsewhere, and when you focus on your freedom, soon it will empower you and overpower your temptation.

5. Enroll others in helping you. We all need advisers and accountability partners. They won't come to you. You have to go to them, and request their help in holding you accountable, encouraging you, and giving you insight when warranted.

If you do these simple steps, you will begin to see a life-change. And if you consistently do them with precise focus on a daily basis, you will discover lasting change that will better you in every area of your life. Start with a mere 15-minutes each day, and I guarantee change.

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