4-Step Formula to Super-Charge Success

If you are like me, the fundamental desires of your heart are to live a life well lived. To most of us, this means being financially independent, spiritually fulfilled, surrounded by friends and family who love us and with whom we enjoy being around.

We want to be able to give and make a difference in the world, simply because there is an innate desire to find purpose for our lives and leave this world, knowing we left a footprint of some sort.

In my pursuit, I can honestly say God blessed me with a great wife, two incredible children, a compassionate heart, and a true desire to help others. Unfortunately, my intentions shifted my priorities, and before I realized it, my life was falling apart.

Most of us have been taught to put others first.

Truthfully, I discovered that was faulty teaching. Albeit sounds noble, the reality is putting others first is idolatry and not God's will.


Yes, I know. Churches teach the opposite, using Christ as the example. He clearly put others first because He sacrificed everything for all humanity, up to and including dying on a cross for all mankind. Yes, He did. And for that, I, for one, am eternally grateful.

Might I challenge you to delve deeper into the word of God and discover that putting others first is not the formula for success.

Here is the 3-step formula to super-charge success:

GOD first


FAMILY third

OTHERS fourth

Wow! Of course, we all get the "GOD first" part, but then the immediate signs of "SELFISH" pop up. But, let me explain this formula.

We all know that anything and everything placed above God is idolatry. It's a sin. God should always be first and foremost in our work, family, personal faith, business, money, etc. That's a given. Yet, we so often fail to put Him first. More often than not, He's an after-thought. Often forgotten or called upon until there is a major crisis in our lives, we like to declare that God is first in our lives, when the reality is He's not.

It's easy to forget about Him. After all, He's an unseen, non-tangible, spirit-being that often goes by the wayside, unintentionally, when life demands so much from us.