Why Political Correctness is Stupid

There is a lot of talk about "political correctness (PC)" in America these days. In essence PC is a progressive ideal avoiding vocabulary that may be considered discriminatory or offensive to others, particularly those of different races, genders, or sexual orientations.

Truthfully, political correctness is nothing but a bunch of nonsense, causing more damage than good. Granted, I'm not one for discrimination or calling people derogatory names that have been used to degrade others. But, haven't we become a society of wimps?

If I were offended every time someone called me a name or every time something about me was lied about, discriminated against, or used in an offensive manner, I would have to pack up my things and move to my own island where there were no other inhabitants.

Segregation still exists, and political correctness is not the solution.

Frankly, people were born with an innate desire to create communities where fellowship and like-mindedness are apparent. We were also born into sin, which pollutes well intentions, and creates a prison of segregation. The "haves" and the "have nots," the "rich" and the "poor," the "Blacks" and the "Whites," the "jocks" and the "nerds," you get the picture.

When you look at all God's creation, you discover a characteristic of Him that we have (not surprisingly) defiled. He created everything with clear definition. Various types of flowers, birds, animals, rocks, weeds, mammals, fish, trees, etc. are all similar, yet unique and different.

However, you don't hear the cardinal complaining to the robin about sharing a tree branch. Roses don't look down on carnations when they share the same vase. And fish don't complain because they have to share the ocean with other fish.

As simple as these illustrations are, we can learn a lesson.

Why do we have to be called "African-Americans," "Mexican-Americans," "Asian-Americans," or why does homosexuality have to have its own category called "gays" or "LGBT?"

I have no problem with anyone being proud of his/her heritage (as is the case with races). But, if you were born in the United States, and continue to wish to stay here, then you are simply "an AMERICAN!" It doesn't matter what race you are, where your heritage is, or what part of community you belong. After all, there is no such thing as a true, full-blooded American. Everyone is the product of immigration to this great land. Yes, even native Americans are migrants from somewhere.

Nobody just popped out of the ground in the United States and became a full-blooded product of this great country.

I have traced my family roots, and discovered on my mother's side, we are descendants of England's royal family, dating back to William the Conqueror, who was Italian, overcame the French, and became King of England in the early 1000s. On the other side of my family, we are Italian descendants of a Prince, who conquered Spain and Portugal before his descendants eventually came to the United States by way of Florida.

Albeit I am a mixed bag of European descent, and Italy seems to be the most common country of my ancestry, I do not consider myself Italian-American. I figure if I am more proud of my Italian heritage, than my American heritage, then I should move to Italy and back to the homeland of my forefathers.

American, I am. And American, I proudly say, is my homeland.

My family fought in every war since the American Revolution, and some even served to help free the slaves during the Civil War. I am proud of European heritage, also, but I do not belong there.

Therefore, despite political correctness, and at the sake of probably offending someone, you can honor your family heritage, but if you are a born and bred American, then simply be an American.

Wave and salute the American flag, sing the national anthem, honor our troops, honor our fellow Americans, give back by serving one another and our great country, vote, and keep America great!

After all, we are all part of one big boquet of flowers that complement one another because of our roots, our diversity, our varied colors and genders. Stop trying to segregate and cater to political correctness. Grow a backbone and honor the country that has given so much to us and our families of descendants.

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