What is your BIGGEST REGRET?

What is your biggest regret? What three things would you go back in time to change or correct if given the opportunity?

Strayer University recently erected a chalkboard in New York City, and asked passersby to write down their biggest regrets. As each individual took a moment to write his or her regret, the board began to reveal something in common.

The majority of regrets began with the word, "NOT..."

"NOT saying I love you," "NOT being a better friend," "NOT pursuing my dreams," "NOT finishing school," and the list went on and on with "not" and "never" introductions.

In the end, they were given an eraser and asked to wipe away the regrets, revealing a clean slate.

This clean slate represents a second and a third and even a fourth, or quite possibly millionth, chance to start over, again.

God is a god of second and millionth chances. You don't have to live with regrets when you have a relationship with Him, because each and every time you simply ask Him for forgiveness, He wipes your slate clean and gives you permission to start over.

Creating a revolutionary life is your chance to start over!

It doesn't matter if this is your second, 239th, or 4 millionth time of starting over.

The lessons learned from past regrets help define our present and our future.

What are your regrets?

Whatever they are, it's time to let them go. It's time to cast them into the see of forgetfulness and remember them no more! That's what Jesus does to your past. Now, do the same and walk into your new life!

You can begin, again. Starting right now! Starting today!

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