You Matter, and What Other People Think of You Matters

There is a growing epidemic sweeping the land, preaching the message that it doesn’t matter what other people think about you. Although it was started to quell the growing verbal abuse running rampant in today’s households and society in general, what was intended for good has a number of negative consequences.

Today, more than ever, people are struggling with low self-esteem and depression due to years of verbal annihilation, bullying, and self-desecration. Mental health professionals don’t know how to deal with it, so they prescribe anti-depressants and other medications by the truckload.

Society preaches the “if-they-don’t-like-me-too-bad” message, creating a mask that so many wear, which never truly deals with the root issues, but merely covers it up with an arrogant, haughty, and prideful deameanor.

One thing leads to another and the already depressed, low self-esteem individuals dig themselves into a deeper hole as their demeanor turns away true friendships.

And then there is the new age, self-focused, tree-hugging, always-the-optimist thinkers, who promote the message about self-love and say, “as long as you love yourself, it doesn’t matter what others think or say.”

While all of these are well intended and meant to help build others up, every one of them fails to hit the target!

The truth is, YOU matter! And what other people think of you matters!

Think about this. No matter what philosophy you subscribe to in the above messages, if you go to a job interview looking like a slob, smelling like a homeless person, cussing like a sailor, and walk in with a care-free attitude, you will most definitely NOT get the job.

The way you dress and the way you carry yourself matters.

Why it matters may not be what you are thinking, however.

It matters because YOU are a child of God – God’s fingerprint and representative. You are an Ambassador of the Most High, and you don’t belong to yourself. You belong to God. You are His property. You are merely the steward of His property.

To be a steward means to be a caretaker. What you do to and with your body, mind, mouth, ears, and eyes is critical to taking care of God’s Holy Temple – YOU!

Taking care of God’s temple is important. And more importantly, you want to prove yourself faithful by the way you appear to others as His representative.

Think about this – by the way you dress, walk, act, talk, eat, bathe, or express your emotions and personality, would a stranger see Christ and want to be like Him?

We don’t think about those things when we’re stuffing our faces with donuts or failing to comb our hair and brush our teeth before going out in public, do we?

We have all been guilty of treating God’s property too casually. No, we don’t have to always dress up or wear a three-piece suite. But, being tidy and clean, making healthier choices, and being a witness for the One who came to earth and died on your behalf is not only a testament for what He has done, it is also a form of worship.

No, not idol or self-worship, but an expression of gratitude for the life He has blessed you with!

It’s not about falsely putting on a mask to seem self-righteous and holy, judgmental or better than others. It’s to humbly walk in the will of God, serving Him daily by being His fingerprint on the world.

The number one reason unbelievers hate Christians and fail to develop a relationship with Christ is because Christians don’t look or act any differently than the world. We are all guilty of failing to honor God. But, fortunately, He is the God of second and third chances.

I challenge you (and myself) to daily pray and ask God, “How can I better represent You, today?”

Start by making sure you take care of the temple He gave you. Comb your hair, take a shower, brush your teeth, and wear clean clothes. Eat healthier and cut out the junk. Exercise more, clean your room or house, watch your mouth, turn off the television and read more of God’s word to purify your internal temple, and go to church so fellow temple builders can help you when you’re overwhelmed or tired.

You matter to Him, and you matter to the world. Even though you may struggle at times to believe it or see it, He and others see it every day.

Remember, your purpose is not your own. You are not called to merely survive and live in this world. You were meant to serve Him and be an Ambassador for Christ in every corner of your life.

You are His fingerprint on earth.

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