Get Off Your Butt and CREATE a Job

Studies show that far too many highly qualified people with Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral degrees will find it difficult to pay back their colossal student loan debt because they can't find jobs in their fields of study.

Many are being forced to work in fields outside their expertise or resort back to living with parents, while working lower-paying jobs, just to survive.

According to a recent Georgetown University report, 40% of today's 30 million Americans who are unemployed or under-employed (working less than 30 hours per week) are millenials aged 18-29.

The remaining 60% are 30+ years of age.

To make matters worse, not only are these degreed graduates not finding jobs, they are facing a mountain of student load debt due to higher tuitions and costs of living, leaving many stressed and frustrated.

I met a man working as a greeter at Walmart. I learned he had a PhD. Shocked, I wondered why this Doctor was working at Walmart, clearly not a job in his field.

His answer was, "because I can't find a job in my field of study, so working minimum wage is better than no wage at all."

Years ago, I was an HR executive of a mid-sized corporation that eventually closed its doors because it couldn't compete in our industry. I had a six-month severence package, which would afford me plenty of time to acquire a new job.

Boy, was I wrong!

I applied to over a thousand jobs and maybe had 2 interviews. I quickly learned that in my city, there were over 30,000 unemployed HR professionals and only 100 openings. That meant I was only one fish, competing in a very big pond, and my chances were extremely slim.

I abandoned the HR field and started applying for jobs outside my field, only to learn they wouldn't hire a six-figure for HR executive because they knew I would leave the first chance I had. Basically, I was considered over-qualified. But, like the doctor working at Walmart, just because I was used to six-figures, when your salary suddenly becomes "ZERO," even minimum wage is better.

Employers don't see it that way.

So, what do you do if you find yourself over-qualified, unemployed, under-employed, or trying to make ends meet?

My general answer to that is, don't let your current status stop you from succeeding in life! You are not defined by your past or even your present. You are defined by your never-quit attitude and your ability to make lemonade out of lemons!

Here are a few tips to consider:

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Getting a job isn't necessarily the answer to your survival in this era. Instead, creating wealth (or even a paycheck of any kind) requires a lot more than simply going out and getting a job.

It takes creativity, perseverence, vision, and definition!

Creating a job is a far better solution than waiting around, living off your parents, or adding to your mounting debt of credit card bills while you look for a job.

How do you create a job when you have little or no money? Find Out Here >>

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