3 Mentalities that Stop Success

You've heard it before that possessing the right mindset is nine-tenths of achieving success in every area of your life. While true, we often don't realize what mentalities or mindsets are hindering us from achieving the goals and accomplishing the tasks we set out to do.

Here are 3 mentalities that always stop success and hinder you from creating a revolutionary life:

1. Poverty Mentality - a/k/a "BROKE" Mentality

This mentality is a spoken curse over your life. The bible says, the power of life and death are in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and James 3:8 tells us our untame tongue is evil and poisonous.

What we speak, we believe. What we say, we do.

And when we say things like "I can't afford it," or "We don't have enough money," we are fueling our disbelief and the poverty mindset.

The reality is all money and all things belong to God. He provides for our every need, and although our empty bank accounts and overdue bills may leave the impression we are broke and don't have enough, the reality of it is these are indications we need to take action, not sit down and sulk in our self-pity.

Read my article on 7 Signs You Have a Poverty Mentality to learn more and How to Overcome a Poverty Mentality.

This mentality will keep you broke, keep you depressed, and keep you from achieving success because it will always convince you that your life will never get better. Often fueled by self-doubt, lack of knowledge or know-how, and generations of poor examples, we often struggle to overcome this mentality. But, I show you how in How to Overcome a Poverty Mentality.

2. Victim Mentality

You CANNOT achieve success when you allow your past mistakes, poor choices, or the negative experiences perpetrated by others against you to drive today and your future!

At times, life sucks! Period!

People will hurt you, talk badly about you, gossip and tear you down. And those are the easy experiences!

I was molested by a neighbor when I was six years old. One of my female mentors, Dani Johnson, was beaten as a child and sexually abused. Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry were both sexually abused, as well. But, not one of us allowed painful circumstances that victimized us as children, to stop us from achieving success.

Maintaining a victim mentality is an excuse that allows the past and others who hurt you to have control over your life and power to stop you from achieving success.

The key to overcoming a victim mentality is forgiveness. Learn more about Overcoming a Victim Mentality here.

3. Entitlement Mentality

Similar to the other two mentalities, feeling the world owes you something is a pitiful excuse that will stop you in your tracks and prevent you from achieving success. Here's the get real moment - the world doesn't owe you squat!

I once had a relative, who, at the time, was in her early 30s, and said to me that she felt it was time the world started supporting her. After all, she had paid her debt to society and it was time for society to start taking care of her. And that's exactly what she did.

She was a food-stamp, welfare, baby-making machine who never worked a day in her life, yet felt like sitting in front of the television in her government-subsidized apartment, talking on her new cell phone, justified her miniscule contribution to the world.

So many, today, feel they are justified in living off government or charitable programs. Don't get me wrong, some people do not possess the mental or physical facilities to work due to life's hardships. But, far more are possessed with this debilitating mindset - or what my momma used to call "LAZY."

Each person is only entitled to the benefits of their own labor. The bible says in 2 Thessalonians 3:10, "if anyone will not work, neither shall he eat."


Better yet, become an employer and help other people get a job!

Sadly, our government has crippled people by giving too much instead of fostering job growth and decreasing unemployment. But, that's a whole other talk show!

Read my article, Get Off Your Butt and Create a Job. Filled with ideas and tips for those who can't find a job, this will help you overcome the entitlement mentality.

What other tips and solutions can I help you with? Comment below and let's do life together. Let's find strategies that may help you overcome or battle these mentalities and create your revolutionary life.

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