3 Types of People to Have in Your Network of Influence

Networking is one of the top keys to finding new clients, getting the word out about your presence and business, or even finding another job, building friendships, and opening unexpected doors of opportunity.

Although social media is an excellent tool in marketing and building followers, keep in mind it is not nearly as effective as actually getting out there, meeting people face-to-face, and engaging in one-on-one conversation.

If you rely strictly on social media as your networking tool, you'll be sorely disappointed in the results.

Social media should be used like a telephone. You normally don't call people and talk for hours with someone you do not have a prior, face-to-face relationship with, do you? Of course, not!

Intimate conversations about personal details are only shared with those with whom we have a personal relationship, not random strangers we meet on the internet.

Frankly, I've said it before, technology has allowed us to become more connected than ever before, yet more disconnected from real, true, and personal relationships.

When building your network of influence, there are people who will fit into one of three categories:

1. High Achievers - should be 60% of your circle.

These people have distinct goals in mind, continually pursue personal development, and possess great energy and drive. They are hard workers, constant students of life, and never quit.

Add more of these people to your network by going to conferences and attending seminars, joining business groups in your area (a great way to find them is through www.meetup.com), the local Rotary or Kiwanis clubs, small groups through your church, or Toastmasters.

The downside is these people often become egotistic and materialistic. Nonetheless, if you maintain your values and keep yourself grounded, these people will help you achieve great success and serve as role models and mentors in your journey.

They will also help you when you fall, protect you when others attack, and guide you along the way.

2. Dream Builders - should be 30% of your circle.

These people are on your same level. They may be pursuing their own dreams, fighting their own struggles, and need to bounce ideas off you or high achievers. These are your brothers in arms and commrades, all seeking a better life and pursuing what God has for them.

You need a smaller portion of these people in your circle of influence because they keep you grounded, help you when life becomes a struggle, and allow you to be more of yourself.

The downside is these people are as unstable as you are. They don't yet possess the knowledge and expertise high achievers do, which can often cause them to stumble and give up. In turn, they can drag you down with the boat if you're not careful.

3. Dead Weight - should be 10% or less of your circle.

These people are exactly what it says - dead weight. In other words, they are the pity partiers, the world-is-against-me crowd. These are people you want to avoid as much as possible. Why then should they make up 10% of your circle of influence?

Partly, because you can't avoid them all. As a matter of fact, many of them may be family members, and some of them you may want to help along the way as you become more successful.

Don't spend much time with them or you'll become like them. Their negative attitudes, constant complaining, and poverty or victim mindset will be like dropping your anchor on a speedboat moving full steam ahead. It will will create a drag and cause you to exert far more energy than you should waste.

And once you start achieving success, beware. They'll be the first with their hands out, waiting for you to give them their entitled portion for work they didn't do.

Pray for God to direct you if and when you should help. Keep in mind you are not their Savior, nor are you their crutch. If you aren't led by the Holy Spirit, you'll fall trap to their deception and your compassion will be taken advantage of.

Give or help only when God directs you because you could be hindering a lesson He is trying to teach the individual, as well. Use discernment and wisdom.

On the flipside of the coin, there are those you will want to extend mercy and grace to because they lack the physical, mental, and spiritual mentalities to become high achievers. Due to no fault of their own, they simply will never become high achievers in certain areas of their life.

They may be disabled, elderly, mentally challenged, or possess physical challenges that simply prevent them from achieving success. Sometimes these people have given up on their dreams as a result, and don't necessarily expect a handout, but need one.

These are people you need in your network to keep you humble and inspire you TO help when led by God.

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