10 Ways to Promote Your Business for FREE!

Every business owner knows marketing is one of the most important keys to drumming up business and promoting your products and services. However, the majority of small business owners lack even the basic marketing skills, let alone expertise.

Time and again I hear my small business clients spout off numerous ways to promote their business, the majority of which either cost large sums of money or are simply ineffective.

The mistake many small business owners make is creating poor, ineffective advertisements or simply not advertising at all, thinking word-of-mouth is going to draw in the crowds. Largely, they don't have the capital needed to effectively market their business.

However, there are numerous ways to market effectively that won't cost you a dime!

It will cost you time, but for most new small business owners and entrepreneurs just starting out, you have more time than you do money. So, what can you do as a small business owner to market your business for free or pennies on the dollar?

Here are 10 ways (click here for the full report):

  1. Attend Community Events

  2. Call in to Talk Radio

  3. Create a Joint Partnership

  4. Volunteer at Charitable Events

  5. Create Great Business Cards

  6. Host a Business Card Drawing

  7. Teach a Free Class

  8. Develop Loyalty Programs

  9. Fine Tune Your Social Network

  10. Join Networking Groups

I have included details about each of these points in a descriptive FREE report, if you would like more information on each, along with several other tips and insight that will be very useful. CLICK HERE to get the FREE report.

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