Creating Money Magnets for Your Business

Creating money magnets for your business doesn't take a 12-step program, MBA, or months of preparation. It starts with personality.

Have you ever walked into a store, restaurant, or other business to be greeted by an overwhelmingly friendly, gentle, sweet person, whom you instantly fell in love with and was attracted to (not in a sexual way) simply because of their bubbly, friendly, and outgoing personality?

You felt an instant connection and thrill because this person made you feel comfortable and at-home. They offer a feel-good, welcoming atmosphere where everyone is automatically drawn toward like a magnet.

This is exactly the type of environment everyone desires to work in and the very people everyone wants to work with. But it starts with the managers and department heads to set the pace and example for good customer service and a jovial but professional environment.

People won't care as much about your product or service until they know how much you care about them.

Granted, you may not really care about their entire history or lifetime of events, but pushing your product or service on them will surely repel customers more than attract them.

Even if you are not interested in their fishing stories, you can find out a lot about a person by making and holding eye contact, giving them enough personal space for comfort, and simply listening to their wants, needs, and desires.

Ask questions rather than push product. Most people don't like sales people because they have a repuation for being pushy, demanding, and over zealous without any real concern for the customer's needs.

However, once you learn to keep your mouth shut and allow the potential customer/client to speak, you'll learn everything you need to know to seal the deal and give the customer what he/she wants.

Don't push your products like a drug dealer. Instead, allow the customer to sell themselves on the product or service because if they talk themselves into buying, they will!

For instance, ask questions such as "what do you like about this product?" "how would you use this product?" "what's the most important thing to you about this product?"

Let the customer fee like they are the ones making all the decisions, and you won't have to sell the product or service at all. The customer will talk him or herself into buying the products/services.

Your personality will be the bait and the incentive for customers to come and check your business out. And, more often than not, customers will be more satisfied and more likely to generate more business for you through referrals.

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