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Leo Pacheco | Personal Development | Life Coach | Innovative Strategist

Is 2020 Your Exodus or Just Another Year in the Wilderness?

December 31, 2019


Most of us know the story of Moses and the journey of the Israelites from slavery to the land of Promise (Canaan) as told in the Old Testament.  What should have only taken a couple of weeks (by walking), ended up taking 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.


Tonight, at the strike of midnight, we turn the page on another month, another year, and another decade, and many are still wandering in the wilderness, hoping 2020 will be better than the year before, knowing that we will face new challenges, work on unfinished goals, revisit derailed resolutions, and expect good changes to come.


But, like the children of Israel, months, years, and even decades past, and we find we have not progressed much in our journey.  Sure, we've had a lot of changes - some welcomed and some not-so-much.  


While we had good intentions, our lack of self-discipline often afforded us more excuses than anything.  And there have been times we were well on our journey and life threw us an unexpected curve-ball, leaving us derailed and feeling defeated.


Raise your hand if this is you.


There is something we can learn from the Israelites and their journey.  Although they only had about 240 miles to travel (what would have taken half a day by car or about seven days by horse), wandering in the wilderness had more to do with their mindset and attitude than it did with distance.


Despite having witnessed God's powerful display of majestic force in the parting of the Red Sea, which made way for them where there was no way; despite having been led