Create a Revolutionary Life is for those who are sick and tired of living a life without meaning!  It's for those who are worn out by the mundane and mediocre routines that make us feel like we're spinning our wheels and getting nowhere fast.  It's for those who have reached the end of their ropes and are ready for real, transforming change, not just some get-rich-quick or feel-good message that motivates you for about ten seconds and then leaves you deflated in the end!

If that's YOU, there is only ONE way to achieve a REVOLUTIONARY LIFE...​  DECLARE WAR!

Focused on four key battlegrounds that impact every human being, learn how to create lasting change through this 4-day experiential, life-transforming boot-camp that takes you through three introspective phases of training and coaching to help you create effective, life-changing strategies that last!


Create a Non-Profit Organization

Attention world-changers, go-getters, and compassion-creators! You have a heart to make a difference in your community or a life-changing impact for others around the world, but simply don't know where to start.

In this course, I will teach you SIX steps to put your passion and compassion into action by creating a non-profit organization or ministry.

Included in this course is my extensive workbook (valued at $197) available for download as part of your tuition, covering step-by-step instructions (detailed in each module) on forming your charity, recruiting volunteers and board members, generating donor dollars, complying with laws, and how to complete your 501c status using IRS Form 1023. Plus a LOT MORE!

This course is perfect for those who are ready to join other world changers and help meet the growing demand for community-based services.


Course Reviews:

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Great course for an overview and look into creating & maintaining an NPO. The free work book is an awesome bonus. I'm curious about the advanced courses mentioned.

- Dogma 360, Student

​5 out of 5 Stars

The very basics are covered from just the visionary point to making them manifest. I especially like the confidence Mr. Pacheco continues to deliver knowing at times we question our journey. Great stuff! Thank you as I proceed to make my own difference in the world. in a world with many problems be solved, we all should be part of the solution. Alone we may be good but together we are great. Again, thank you!

-Sonia Colon, Student

Coaching and Consulting

Business and Professional Development | Corporate Training | Life Coaching

With over 25 years in executive management, owner of several businesses, and founder of three non-profit organizations, Leo's expertise in coaching and consulting has helped thousands of individuals and businesses develop lasting strategies that impact success!

Specializing in HR and customer service training, management training, non-profit management and creation, publishing, travel management, and executive recruiting, Leo's diverse background provides clients with ease as he helps them see the bigger picture and think outside the box.

"Often clients already have the answer in front of them, they simply need someone to point it out and help them tap into resources known and unknown, and that's my specialty," Leo says.

If it is personal development or life coaching you need, Leo has significant expertise in that area, as well!  As a minister, he has helped hundreds of individuals through grief counseling, trauma recovery, life strategies, work-life balance, relationships, and more!

To learn how you might work with Leo, simply send an inquiry.  Pricing is based on individual need.