Hands-on Philanthropy


Money is a tool for change in the world.  Millionaire Missionaries is an exclusive, members-only community of world changers who make a difference by investing time, talent, and treasure into the lives of individuals and charitable organizations.


Members are philanthropists on a mission!  It's more than just throwing money at a cause or merely writing a check to a favorite charity.  It's about putting our money where our mouth is and walking the walk by directly impacting the lives of others, building a community of support, and showing up to dig the trenches.



Awaken.  Ignite.  Deploy.  (AID)


Our mission is to train and equip entrepreneurs, visionaries, and high achievers in a biblical worldview in order to positively impact the world through philanthropy.  Our philosophy is to AWAKEN the soul, IGNITE the passion, and DEPLOY the troops by "being" ambassadors of change.


But, it's much more than just giving!  Ambassadors serve as coaches and role models for the next generation of leaders through our young entrepreneurs training academy.  


They consult with non-profit organizations, schools, churches, and community organizations to develop and start new programs that include life skills, financial literacy, and wealth creation opportunities.


Everyone can become a Millionaire Missionary by selecting one of the following levels:



Contributors are believers ready to make a difference!

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Investors are high achievers working toward a greater good!

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Ambassadors are world changers making an impact!

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