Learning to Live Again after Loss.


Comes in the



Learning to Live Again After Loss


 Joy Comes in the Mourning recounts the journey from overcoming childhood sexual abuse to learning how to live again following tragedy—a road paved with heartache and moving testimony about God’s tender love, mercy, and restoration. This dramatic story of survival offers understanding for all who experience grief and pain, and provides encouragement and hope by finding joy in the midst of mourning.


February 3, 1991 started off like any other day for Leo Pacheco, as he drove his mother, grandmother, and sister to the city for a day of shopping—a day filled with laughter and joy that would tragically end in heartache and sorrow. A silent killer rendered them unconscious while their vehicle maneuvered its way up a Colorado mountain pass before barreling over the cliff, and that’s just part of the story...


Solutions for Victory over Tragedy and Loss


Based on his best-selling book, Leo shares his dramatic testimony that will leave the audience breathless.  Taking them on a journey of heartache and sorrow, mixed with a little humor, Leo candidly takes the audience on an emotional roller coaster road, ultimately leaving them with a life-changing message of hope and healing.


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